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Family-Friendly Realtors emblems are trademarks of Family-Friendly Sitestm and may only be displayed on sites that meet the currently published guidelines below.

What is a Family-Friendly Realtor Site?

At a site displaying the Family-Friendly Realtors Emblem, families can expect to find content and links that support their physical, mental, and emotional development in a healthy way.

A family-friendly site:

  • Contains no adult-themed or sexually explicit text, images, or photographs
  • Does not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or pornography
  • Does not promote hate, violence or discrimination in any way
  • Does not promote any illegal substances or activities
  • Posts and enforces rules in its chat rooms and forums to prohibit
    1. Sexually explicit language
    2. Profanity
    3. Remarks that disparage or ridicule other people
  • Links only to sites that share the intent of being family-friendly
  • Agrees to remove its family-friendly designation, if the site itself or any of its links no longer meet these criteria
  • Links its display of the Family-Friendly Realtors Emblem to the Family Friendly Realtors Site

Why Display the Family-Friendly Realtors Emblem?

Displaying the Family-Friendly Realtors Emblem offers you instant recognition as a suitable site for families. If your website qualifies according to the above guidelines, then you may add the Family-Friendly Realtors Emblem to your Web site.

Where to display the Family-Friendly Realtors Emblem?

The FFR emblem should be placed on the main page to clearly communicate your site's family-friendly suitability to all your visitors. This is not always practical for all website layouts so a secondary choices might be your about page or your contact page. The location is voluntary, but if it is hidden deep in your website it really serves no purpose. It should not be displayed only on an "awards" page and if it is, you should label it with the text "Member" underneath then emblem.

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